Customer Testimonials

Here are some light hearted contrived testimonials that are intended to put a smile on your face!!
About Our Product
The Best Payday Loan Site!
"When I needed a few extra bucks to help on closing costs for my holiday condo, I turned to PaydayKing. The King came through with no hassles or awkward questions. It was so EZ and FAXLESS too! Now I can relax and focus on my multiple revenue streams. Thanks PaydayKing! "
Excellent Service!
"My fish tank sprang a leak six days before my next paycheque! PaydayKing was there so FAST with the emergency FUNDS. Thanks to PaydayKing, my fish can now swim stress free!"
PaydayKing Understands Me!
"I was doing the best I could at my job but I needed a few extra dollars for a refresher underwriting course that would help bring down my bad debt levels. PaydayKing was there really QUICK and with all the CASH! Thank you so much!"
Moo Moo for PaydayKing!
"It was Friday and I was invited to a party but had no money. The liquor store wouldn't give me any credit so I turned to PaydayKing. The King came through with the CASH right away. Holy COW they're good!!"
Incredible Product Options!
"I wanted to impress my new girlfriend with some lowriders, but payday was almost two weeks away. PaydayKing treated me courteously and professionally. I was able to get some designer duds with my PAYDAY LOAN without having to resort going to a bargain clothing DEPOT. PaydayKing made my day! "
About Our Service
Cloze de Door!
"I drink alot of water. Last week I realized that a big party was coming up and I didn't have the loot I needed to buy a couple of cases of bottled H-2-Oh. PaydayKing turned on the tap for me. Thanks for letting the good times flow dawgz!!"
What a Trooper!
"My CD collection got "misplaced" at a "client" so I needed to get some trip-hop trance music ASAP. PaydayKing got me cash and I was able to roll right on into the music store to buy me some nu tunes. Know wum sayin'? PaydayKing sure didn't embarass me now! "
SSW rescue!
"I was short on cash and needed to buy some mints so I could have the freshest breath. Problem was my molding wasn't movin' as fast as my SSWs. PaydayKing dug my situation, gave me the cash, and I was able to get some snacks. Rock 'n Roll dudes!! "
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